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Carol's Brilliant Blog:

Often I am asked about books. I adore these questions because I looooooovvvvveeeee books. We have them in every room of our home...including our bathrooms (This is what happens when your and your spouse are teachers...You just run out of room for all the books you need to have and want to hold close.)! As much as I earnestly try to keep up with birth of new books, I fall short. Fortunately, I am richly blessed with the most incredible book bridge - Treasured friend Carol Wilcox.

No one I know reads more, reflects more, or shares more about books than Dr. Carol Wilcox, a brilliant Denver Public Schools coach and mentor. Her book shares on her blog are absolutely gorgeous. Each entry is a love letter, an invitation, a portal into her latest reads. When you are looking for something delicious or edifying to read, turn to Carol. Your heart will be bigger.

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