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As we soon approach the AAIE Conference in New York, I want to offer a warm invitation to check in with our ISS Padlets. I update these regularly and welcome your contributions and suggestions. Below you will find a list of the current Padlets we offer international educators along with the links and passwords. I hope you find these helpful. Please feel free to share these with your colleagues.

ISS Internet Tool Box

In honor and support of your work, please utilize this list to access our wells of online professional learning and curriculum assistance – our online binders of professional learning resources and practical teaching tools. I encourage you to share these links with your colleagues widely. Please note that these wells of professional resources will be continuously refined over time. So, tap into our ISS Padlet collection often to check out new tools and tips. And please don't hesitate to let me know what we can add to each Padlet so that these resources connect with and further your faculty’s professional learning and classroom work. I am working to develop a Padlet for each discipline and for specific topics of interest. If you have a focus to suggest, drop me an email. Thank you very much!

Warmest connections and respect,

Laura Benson

Director of Curriculum and Professional Development

International Schools Services


Skype benson729

ISS Curriculum & Professional Learning Website

ISS Padlets

All About Us: Social Studies, History, and Humanities Resources  

Password: ForDave

Assessment and Evaluation   

Password: relationships

Books, Books, Books (Under construction)

Password: openbooksopenhearts

Conferring: The Heart of Workshop Learning and Teaching (Under construction)

Password: conferring

Curriculum Connections

Password: curriculummatters

Early Childhood Learning and Teaching

Password: playislearning

Going Deeper: Personalizing Learning and Linking Literacy Learning

Password: fromtheheart

Grading for Growth (Under construction)

Password: edifyingfeedback

Growing Readers: Readers' Workshop/Reading Learning and Teaching

Password: Atticus

Language Learners (In development)

Password: mothertongue

Literacy Coaches: Collaborative Partnerships to Move All of Us Forward (In development)  

Password: bettertogether

Mad About Math  

Password: universallanguage

PE Professional Learning Network (Under construction)

Password: healthyliving

Reaching Students with Engaging Learning Moves:  Highly Effective Instructional Strategies

Password: thisworks

Soul Food: Arts and Music (Under construction)

Password: artsarelife

Spectacular Science

Password: wonderfuelsus

Writers' Workshop Padlet  

Password: forronnie

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